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Old Man

and a Tractor

Excavating Contractor


Services we Provide

New Driveway installs

We install new driveways including

tree removal and topping

Retaining walls

Concrete flat work


backfill, grading,

and compacting


and more............

Our story

Our yard is out of Bailey. 30+ years in construction, Grading, Excavation, Framing, Foundations and Dump truck services. Our dry stack retaining walls are top knotch quality and THE best around. Materials from pea gravel to Boulders. The list goes on. We’ve been in the Bailey area now over six years and have lots of references, clients, and contacts to get your job done- no matter the size. One stop shop for the homeowner. A small family owned business with low over head. Please send us a message if you’d like a free quote!


Old Man and a Tractor

67 Hold Up Street

Bailey, CO 80421

(303) 944-0584

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